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Silver Buckskin?

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1 Silver Buckskin? on 5/17/2010, 6:12 pm


Here is my welsh section a mare, she is what i originally thought to be a sooty palomino but someone has mentioned silver buckskin as a possibility.

Having reserched silver in welshies she does have a known silver producer about 5 generations back, but all her parents/grandparents etc have been chestnut or pally/buckskin so would have gone unnoticed.

She is definately a cream carrier, having bred me a cremello/perlino foal, her last 2 foals for me have been chestnuts.

Anyway - all views welcome. Very Happy

2 Re: Silver Buckskin? on 5/17/2010, 8:20 pm

It's certainly possible. There's only two ways to know for certain. 1: If she produces a black based foal by a red based stallion. 2: Testing.

Look at the very edges of her ears both front and back and tell me if you can find a dark rim. That might help.

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3 Re: Silver Buckskin? on 5/20/2010, 4:58 pm


Unfortunately she is a wild mare and i cannot get close enough to pull hair or check her ears! LOL

4 Re: Silver Buckskin? on 5/20/2010, 6:53 pm

Well that stinks! Laughing I guess now we just have to debate and hope she proves herself with her kiddos eventually. Laughing

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