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How to post photos or links

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1How to post photos or links Empty How to post photos or links on 7/24/2010, 1:55 pm

How to post photos on this forum.

  1. Upload your photo to the gallery. There is a link to the gallery up above next to the FAQ link. You then go to the upload photo copy the url. Create your post, click on the icon that is a photo next to the link tab photo (looks like a chain link) and paste the url into box and click ok. When you click preview the photo should appear.

  2. The second way to add a photo is to have it hosted on a website, photobucket or other album. Again right click, copy the url and then paste it into the photo icon and click ok.

*** If you don't want to use the photo icon you can simply type [ img ] then paste your photo link without spaces then close with [/ img ]
This is the coding that tells the computer to read the link as a photo image.

You can do the same with website or any outside link that isn't a photo. Code would be [ url ] then close with [/ url ] again without the spaces.
Also if you hover over the photo icon or the link icon when posting you will see the necessary code.

If you have any questions please post them here.

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