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2 foals born

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1 2 foals born on 8/24/2010, 11:29 pm

It's been some time since I was last on this site and put up any pics or posts...

I've had our next two foals and have been through MANY color changes due to the extreme heat & high humidity here in NC this summer. My 4 dark "chocs" look lite cinnamon in color & our two liter silvers look palomino! Everyone wants to know where my new palomino pair has come from...

So the 2nd foal to be born is out of a dark silver mare w/ LOTS of dapples in her coat & sired by a palomino stallion. I've never been able to figure out what color this colt is - and we are debating if we want to spend the money right now to have him color tested (he is slated to be gelded as soon as it cools off). Here's a link to his photo album -

Here's a link to his dam's photo album - His sire is actually pictured in one of the last photos in her album near the bottom of the page (the lite cream pony behind the fence - behind the mare w/ her 2009 colt). And here's a link to his sire -

Our 3rd and final foal, the desired filly, was a total surprise! I was expecting some type of cream derivative since the stallion the mare was bred to was a cremello. Well, what was waiting for me that morning was a definite silver (w/ spots). So, no her sire wasn't the cremello solid stallion I had the breeding certificate from. A quick complaint & note to several people related to the farm the mare was purchased from, brought about the facts that the cremello stallion was the first to be out with the mares, he may have been removed by the time she'd had the previous years colt & 2nd stallion "inserted" & then later a 3rd stallion was put out to "clean up" or make sure that all mares bred. I don't know about other breeders but this seems to be a common practice in minis and Shetlands and I wasn't real happy! The filly would have been sired by the 2nd stallion - the only pinto stallion/colt on the farm (at least when I was there in Sept to pick up my new purchases) and the mare is a solid. I just received corrected breeders certificates and can now register the filly (after DNA testing, LOL)... Here's her photos - Of course, now I wonder if the stud colt from last year is by a different stallion as well & which one he's by... grrr.

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