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Are my mare and mule Silvers?

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1 Are my mare and mule Silvers? on 9/12/2010, 5:14 am


Here are photos of my Spanish Breton mare and her mule son who is now 4 years old, do you think they are Silvers?

2 Re: Are my mare and mule Silvers? on 9/12/2010, 11:16 pm

Absolutely!!! How cool!

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3 Confirmation on 10/17/2010, 3:34 pm


Have just got the results from University of California Davis, the mule is N/Z and the mare is also N/Z, I also had her tested for Red Factor and she came up E/E so we might get another silver foal in the future!

4 Re: Are my mare and mule Silvers? on 10/17/2010, 3:37 pm

That's fantastic! I'd never seen a silver mule before but how cool!! The mare is just beautiful. I love the way she dapples.

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