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I know hes a silver, but what sort?

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Heres a before and after clipping photo, what do other people think what colour he is?
I know hes a silver, but what sort?   FanfairesGhostHunterakaScoobie001

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I'm fairly certain that's a black silver. Adorable bub!!

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3I know hes a silver, but what sort?   Empty looks black silver on 2/13/2011, 2:33 pm

he certainly looks like a black silver, but to be sure check out the colors of his parents. Does anyone have other modifying color genes? These can be an agouti (bay), cream, buckskin (bay plus cream), perlino, champaign, pearl or dun. And you can get him tested: pull hair with roots. Here's a link He is mighty cute and such a wonderful color!
Linda Sterling

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Thanks for the replies, here is an updated photo of him all clipped out for his first show as a yearling.
I know hes a silver, but what sort?   450

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