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What color would you call this Miniature?

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Here are a few pictures of our mini. Not sure what color she is. Her father is a silver bay and her mother is a blue roan.

You got the combo! Silver bay roan. Twisted Evil


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Wouldn't she be called a Red Roan Silver? bay + roan = red roan + silver = red roan silver. Very Happy

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Bay + roan = bay roan. Chestnut + roan = red roan.

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I've always heard bay + roan = red roan, chestnut + roan = strawberry roan and black + roan = blue roan.

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Ah yes. That is quite old terminology. Red roan and strawberry roan are the same thing. Bay roan was added to the equation many years ago. I suspect the reason it was changed was because many people call chestnuts "red horses" and thus saying "red roan" made people think chestnut roan. Bay roan is a much more obvious description. Even AQHA (who is admittedly behind the times) has switched to this terminology.


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Beautiful mini. He for sure looks like a bay roan silver.Thanks for the link ACC. Hmm i always though chestnut roan is strawberry roan...

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