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Is my shetland pony a silver?

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1 Is my shetland pony a silver? on 6/12/2011, 6:44 am

Hello, I posted photo's of my mare in a Duth forum with the question what color she is, and one person told me she might be Silver Dapple. Or a flaxen with sooty.
So now I want to give it a try here, do you know what color my mare is?
She has got white hairs in her coat, black spots, white spots/patches of hair on body and belly. And places with black hair spread in her coat. Her name and tail used to be really white, but now have a grey look, even when washed Surprised and there are black, brown and white hairs in it.

If you want better photo's of something, I can make them.

I have lot's of photo's, so Razz

2 years old, 2008:

Winter 2009:

Normal coat at age 4:

Shaved at age 5: Notice the grey glow, and black and white spots.

Now at age 5:

Black, white, brown in mane and tail.

(white and black spots on body)



She always had black foals, mine was the first one with a different color.


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2 Re: Is my shetland pony a silver? on 8/11/2011, 7:29 pm

I think she's a sooty chestnut.

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