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Silver Paint Horse Stallion Confirmed in AUS

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Australia has its first silver dilution carrier confirmed paint horse registered stallion!!!

Justa Cowboy
PHAA reg 7098
Chestnut Overo
Sire: Just Shameless (imp/exp/dec)
Dam: Struttin Miss Molly (cropout QH mare believed to be the source of the silver)

Cowboy belongs to a good friend of mine who has had him for a few years now and has recently started breeding him to her TB mares as she wanted HUS type horses for the show ring. In the foaling season of 2010 Cowboy had a fantastic 5 coloured fillies out of 5 mares. One a bay tobi born to an outside mare, 3 chestnuts and one SILVER BAY. We originally thought that the silver (named Gemma) was just like her other sisters, just with a flaxen mane.

Owner Amanda knew a thing or two about colour genetics though and one day had the idea that mayeb Gemma was actually silver. So DNA was sent away and it confirmed Amanda's suspicions. We had the first confirmed Silver in Australia. Testing was carried out on the sisters and found that only one of the other was positive for carrying the gene.

We suspect that others in his progeny may also carry the silver gene however as they aren't owned by us we can not have them tested.

Here is his stallion ad.

So excited about him. However Amanda has had a change in breeding direction due to health reasons and is now breeding for halter horses and has no intention to purposefully breed more silver's. She is however happy to have them. Me also! I intend to buy one of the foals eventually or if she has a new silver foal i would be interested in it. Cowboy has the most fantastic nature, is by the well known and adored Just Shameless and throws his looks and personality to all his foals.

I will post photos of the foals that test positive for the silver gene. Also more photos of Cowboy as he is a gorgeous boy and one photo can't do him justice at all!

As yet I am stumped as to where he gets his gene from, so perhaps someone might be able to help me track it to find out. Maybe there is another founding Silver quarter horse out there somewhere??

Anyways I would love to hear what you guys think about Cowboy and his foals.

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Here are more photos of Cowboy

Silver Paint Horse Stallion Confirmed in AUS Public
At the 2010 PHAA State Championships. Won Champion Paint Stallion 4yrs and Over.

Photos of his Silver Bay Overo 2010 filly out of a Bay TB ASB mare.
Just Gemma
As a foal.
Silver Paint Horse Stallion Confirmed in AUS Just%20Gemma%202010%20filly%20Silver%20Bay
As an almost weanling. See how we could mistake her for a chestnut at this point? (She's also a very cheeky thing, stealing daddy's hat!)
Her Silver mane.
Hopefully you should be able to view the rest of the album on photobucket. There's 12 pics and that's too much copy and paste for me! Smile

Photos of his Silver carrying Chestnut Overo 2010 filly out of a chestnut ASB Tb mare.
Just Opal

Silver Paint Horse Stallion Confirmed in AUS Just%20Opal%202010%20filly
As before you should be bale to see the rest of the photos. Here's one from the album of Opal as a weanling with minimal handling being led by her favourite human. This is truely the best example of just how quiet natured Cowboys foals are.

And some photos of a few of his other foals.[img]
In this album is his other 2010 fillies Ruby, Jewel and Stormy girl as well as a photo of his 2yr old gelding Justa Precious Kid (Junior) receiving a ribbon at the 2010 PHAA State Championships for 1st place yearling paint bred gelding.

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Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately none of the photo links are working for me. I would love to see his photos and would love to see the photo of his silver bay foal as well!

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I did also put some of the photos up in the gallery just in case it didn't work. IN the chestnut + silver album and in the bay/brown + silver album.

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