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What do you think? (Black Silver)

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1 What do you think? (Black Silver) on 6/15/2009, 8:36 pm

This is my boy Bruno. Ever since he was born his color has been a complete mystery to me. When he was born he was a mousy brownish color with white eyelashes. I could not for the life of me figure out why they were white. His dam is grey so I thought "ohh he is going to grey out hence the eyelashes". But, as time went on his never showed any signs of greying on his face and the color of his lashes went from white to brownish in color.

I asked around on forums and such most though since his sire was a chestnut that he was a flaxen liver chestnut. But, I read somewhere were liver chestnuts have a reddish base to there mane and tail not a dark base like Bruno has. So, that got me asking around again and someone brought to my attention that since his eyelashes were white at birth that he may be silver. A black silver to be more exact.

What do you all think?

Here are some pictures of him:

Few hours after birth.
Bruno 1

Bruno 2

Bruno 3

A day after birth.
Bruno 4

Bruno 5

Here he is at 2 months.
Bruno 6

Bruno 7

And at 4 months.
Bruno 8

Bruno 9

Bruno 10

Here he is at present (1 year and 2 months)
Bruno 11

Bruno 12

Bruno 13

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Tough one. Very.

One thing I feel certain about, he is NOT red based. He is either brown or black based (I lean to brown). I don't think he's gray (then again I don't think the dam is gray either Laughing ). His legs appear marbled in some of the earlier shots but they don't appear to be now. Is that the case?

He's either brown or black silver, just black, or black or brown going gray.

Can you tell us ANY more about his parents???


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I'm fairly certain that he's not going to grey out. His sire isn't registered but his grandsire is. Here is his pedigree His dam is a flea bitten grey. I do not know very much about her. I do know that her sire was black and her dam was grey.

Do you think he is silver? I feel very strongly that he is due to his eyelashes at birth. Why else would they be that color?


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4 Re: What do you think? (Black Silver) on 6/17/2009, 11:15 pm

I don't really think gray either but I'm not totally willing to rule it out. Well that's the odd part. I've seen light/white eyelashes on foals that couldn't possibly be silver (or pinto). The tail going orange at one stage and the mane staying relatively dark are the things that make me question it.

But if his legs really were marbled, and he's really not gray, he must be silver. I'm just not sure why they're not still marbled.

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He looks like he'll grey out but you never know he might carry the silver gene...he may carrry the grey...he may carry both. But i am sticking on the grey side. albino

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