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Typical Question ... silver buckskin?

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This is a 18 month old stud colt out of a light palomino mare by a dun skin roan. The sire has produced bay roans, a black and bays (out of solid dark bay mares) one that I would call a buckskin with mane frosting out of a cremelo. In some circles they would call him a gray, up close you can see some of the light gold hair, other circles they may call him a blue roan. I'm thinking more towards the silver buckskin. Sire has the white hairs in mane and the frosting on the tail.

What do you think? Maybe?

How RARE is this within the Quarter Horse Breed?

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To date, there are two known silver lines in Quarter Horses.

The Bar U Champ Binder line and the Ms Barbarella line.

Your fellow doesn't really scream silver to me. I think it is more likely he is a smoky black roan, dark grulla roan or a very very dark buckskin (or dunskin) roan.

Do you have photos of the parents by chance?

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