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Another Welsh confirmed in February 2009 !

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In February 2009, Scarborough Silver Lining, a black silver dapple, section A welsh mare was color verified by UC Davis. She is reported to be the only verified purebred welsh black silver dapple in the US.

Thank You Beth for letting us know!

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Thanks for that.
So I wonder which parent is silver, should be easy to trace it now, with DNA.

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Its most likely coming for Rosmels Cream Puff. ACCPhotography and I did a lot of research on those lines for Rosmels Cream Puffs tested Silver Cremello son Creme De Mint, and then the smoky black mare from The Promise. We basically ruled out everyone but her based on progeny,amount of them, the color of them. And now that she is also in the pedigree of ANOTHER silver welsh, its even more glaringly obvious that its coming from her.

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Beautiful little guy.Looks like he has a promising future. Very Happy

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We originally bred and owned Scarborough Silver Lining before selling her as a yearling to Beth Weiland, and the silver is coming from her dam, The Promise Liberty, who was color verified by the UC Davis as a silver gene carrier. Scarborough Silver Lining's sire (The Promise Justice) only carries the creme gene. Scarborough Silver Lining is not going to be the only Section A black silver dapple for long, though. This spring we bred her sire and dam together again and they had another black silver dapple, Silverlight Saint. We have not color verified him yet, as he is only 5 months old, but he will be another beautiful black silver.

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Further confirming our suspicion of Cream Puff as the source.

Congrats on the new beauty!!

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