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Silver Gene in Warlander?

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1 Silver Gene in Warlander? on 8/17/2009, 6:34 pm


Her sire: as a foal

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2 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 8/18/2009, 1:46 pm

He's awfully dark. How old is he in the top photo? It could be baby flaxen or even gulastra plume.


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3 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 8/18/2009, 1:51 pm

Top Picture the mare is about 2 years

The first pic of her sire is at 5 or 6.

They're both very very very dark with the light mane/tail - no other signs of greying though (and I would expect her sire to start to show by his age if he was going to grey). Dam is 8 and not greying either.

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4 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 8/18/2009, 1:55 pm

Wow. How interesting. 2 years is definitely young enough to still have baby flaxen, but given the sire also has it... hmmm. I've only ever seen gulastra plume in the mane of one horse, and I'm not convinced he didn't have something else going on.

Yeah I would probably test them. I'm not confident they are, but I'm definitely suspicious.

To play devil's advocate, he is tested black with no silver (and there is no white marking in the mane or tail):


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5 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 8/18/2009, 2:28 pm

If I get the chance to I definitely will. It's been driving me crazy for a while now! Figured I'd ask around and see before testing.

They're both drop-dead gorgeous

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6 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 11/20/2009, 1:47 pm


A Warlander is a Andalusian/ Friesian cross. Is there silver in Andalusians? I don't believe there is any silver in purebred Friesians. Her sire is listed as gray on, fwiw (IF Xenophon). Regardless of her color, she is a breathtakingly beautiful horse. Smile

7 Re: Silver Gene in Warlander? on 11/20/2009, 2:05 pm

Definitely no silver in Friesians. I don't think there is supposed to be any silver in Andies, but I would definitely not rule it out as they have enough colors that it could "hide" in and I think we've seen silver from other Spanish source if I'm not mistaken.


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8 Not Silver, Just Greying Slowly on 8/13/2010, 12:40 pm


I own the full brother to the horse pictured at the top. The sire, Xenophon, the top horse, Andromeda, and my colt, Ardeo are all just greying. Very slowly though, and tail first. All 3 were born solid black, Xen's parents are a Friesian (black of course) and a grey Andalusian. The dam of Ardi and Andromeda is a bay Warlander, no grey gene. Ardi at 14 months old is still mostly black with some white hairs scattered all over him giving him some of that silvery sheen his sire and sister have. He isn't yet showing any grey in his mane though he does have a lot of grey in his tail now, hiding under the black hair. Xen at around 6 years old finally turned dappled grey with a silver mane and tail. Gorgeous. If anyone is interested in what Ardi looks like there're loads of pics on webshots that I've put in there over the months. Just search for Ardi or Ardeo and Warlander. He is a cute.

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