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extension/agouti test completed

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1extension/agouti test completed Empty extension/agouti test completed on 12/23/2009, 11:20 pm

I just received conformation on the extension and agouti tests done by Davis.
Coat Color results for Waspy Leo(DT23209):

Red-Factor Result:
E/E - No red factor detected. Horse cannot have red foals regardless of the color of mate. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

Agouti Result:
A/A - Black pigment distributed in points pattern. Basic color is bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

So I guess that means that he will produce only foals either bay/brown or black (regardless of mare color) either with or without the silver gene. Correct? No red heads out of this boy, LOL. There is more of a chance then that he will produce silver since the red is eliminated right? (because silver does not show on red)
Great to know, thanks for suggesting the test.

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2extension/agouti test completed Empty Re: extension/agouti test completed on 12/24/2009, 1:23 am

Absolutely fascinating test result. I can also guarantee this ups your boy's value by ALOT. It will also up his attraction as a stallion by alot.

He will ONLY produce bay bases, period. Black is not possible. 50% will be bay, 50% bay silver. Of course if the mare is carrying something else the foal could be any number of things, but it will ALWAYS be a bay base. This will be disappointing for those wanting to breed a black silver, but such is life. However, being homozygous black is a HUGE, HUGE benefit, especially for a silver stallion.

Very exciting! I'm so glad you tested!


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