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Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!!

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I first found this breed in Dorling Kindersley Handbooks ( Horses under Heavy Horses page 220.The picture provided clearly shows a Silver Dapple stallion!!! The colors are listed Brown, Black and "Chestnut" and then I found these videos of some Noriker Stallions notice that they are either Black Or Silver Dapple!!!

Notice the comments about the beautiful "Liver Chestnut" color!!!

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Oh yes. Based on what I've seen the Noriker is MOSTLY silver. The breed association doesn't seem to realize it though. Someone I know once found a site with tons of in-hand photos from a show and easily 90% were silver, 90% of which were bay silver. Simply amazing. I have seen some black silvers, blacks, bays and the occasional chestnut, so other colors are out there, but I think for the most part they must be EE AA ZZ.

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I felt the photos posted looked like dark liver chestnuts or the black chesnut that is talked about sometimes. The legs looked red to me.

I didn't posted because I wanted to see what you (ACC) said first. Can you post another photo of one of these horses that shows silver better?

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Sure! I do agree that one particular horse looked chestnut, but there are loads of true silvers in Noriker.

Well crud. I got my foreign draft breeds confused. Rolling Eyes No It's the Comtois that are silver, not the Noriker. Duh. *whimpers*

However, I did find one Noriker that looks maybe silver to me:
Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Nori-1

And another breed that is very closely related to the Noriker that appears to maybe have silver:
Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Abtenauer

So I don't know for sure if they do. How frustrating.

Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Sig

Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Uno2m5
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6Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Empty Nokier videos on 1/31/2010, 2:10 am

here ar some videos of the horses. Maybe this will clear it up. You can clearly see the horses are either black or what appears to be SIlver. At least I think so!

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At least two, if not three of those definitely look silver.

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8Silver Draft? Introducing the Noriker Draft!!! Empty Silver draft on 4/22/2010, 2:18 am


I've been reserching some belgians in Canada that seem to carry the silver gene, which makes sense why noone knows about it in there breed because they are mostly a chestnut base. i noticed after a few generations of crossing with black based breeds. As a result theres a Roan Silver Buckskin Overo Warmblood Stud, Sadly the Farm where he was bred Sold his dam who was a Silver Bay (she was a Percheron/Belgian) and i Haven't been able to locate her. It makes me wonder how many chestnut breeds maybe hiding the Silver gene.

I am about 98% certain American Belgians carry silver. I've seen multiple clearly silver horses out of Belgian mares and by Thoroughbred stallions. I find it fascinating how something could have been there all along and no one ever realized it (and it never shows). However now with these eye anomalies that silvers have, I wonder if it might be worth sending a vet to a Belgian show and just looking around to see how many they can find with the anomalies.

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ok get the wedding ready i am marrying that silver Noriker!!! omg i love it!! I love you

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