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What do you make of this mustang?

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1 What do you make of this mustang? on 3/21/2010, 2:40 am

I went to the Mustang Makeover in Albany, Oregon today. I wanted to see the 2 silver mustang mares in person that have been on the BLM site. Then this gelding came out from South Steens HMA. Mane, tail and forelock look silver but I can't get over how dark black his legs are. What are your thoughts?

I have to say his trainer did a fantastic job with him. He was relaxed, happy, enjoying his work and was very obedient. I am sure he will go for a nice adoption price tomorrow. Smile

Found another link with photos of him.

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Boy he's a tough one isn't he? I'm pretty sure he's silver. I've seen silver ignore the coat color (including the legs) sometimes, but I don't think I've ever seen anything else cause a mane and tail quite like that. I've seen tails like it quite a bit, but I can't recall ever seeing a mane like that. I vote silver... but I am willing to admit I'm not positive. Laughing

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i agree silver bay. I have seen Roxy similar in color at certain times of the year. when she was younger

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