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He tested N/Z but

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1 He tested N/Z but on 5/20/2010, 2:41 pm


I have just ordered the Red/Black test for him. Would someone please tell me what color you think he will be when grown? Or is it just a guessing game Laughing
I have posted photos at photos of dam and sire as well because I could not figure out how to post them here. Should I test the mare?

New to all this so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you. Dawn Very Happy

2 Link did not post :( on 5/20/2010, 2:42 pm


Here it is

3 well shoot still don't see link on 5/20/2010, 2:44 pm


it is

4 Re: He tested N/Z but on 5/20/2010, 3:08 pm

I see no point in testing the mare, she's chestnut. The sire is a brown silver. The foal is likely a black silver or maybe a brown silver as well.

At the top of this page there is a link to the gallery where you can see some photos of different shades of silvers. At this point there is no way to know what shade he will be. Shade is relatively random.

Testing him for red/black is unnecessary. He will be 'Ee'. Testing him for agouti would be tremendously helpful to tell you if he is a black or brown silver as that will have the most impact on his end color.

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5 Ok next test back on 6/3/2010, 9:29 am


Ok I have the results back and would kinda like to know what all this put together means. Like what color he will be when he grows up and what he will help produce.
Do I register him as a Chocolate / Brown Silver Dapple or Black Silver dapple or what I'm so confused. Smile Thanks for all your help!

Both black and red factors detected. Either E or e transmitted to offspring. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence
of other modifying genes.
Only recessive allele detected. Black pigment distributed uniformly. Basic color is black in the absence of other modifying

6 Re: He tested N/Z but on 6/6/2010, 12:32 pm

Ee aa = Black + nZ = Black Silver

** If he had an " A " then he would have been Bay/Brown.

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