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AQHA silver carriers

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1 AQHA silver carriers on 2/26/2011, 5:29 pm


I have a chestnut appendix AQHA (TB dam) mare.
I thought she was simply an interesting shade of light liver chestnut.
Looking at the 'legs' characteristics I would say her legs definitely look this way- she has almost a 'giraffe' pattern, with some very lightened 'bleached' looking hair. Her body has some dappling in the summer.
Right now she is sort of brownish orange and extremely hairy. I don't have a photo of her in her summer coat to post.
I do have her pedigree, can someone tell me what AQHA horses are known silver carriers? Or any 'foundation' sires that were carriers?
I understand that the TBs don't have the silver gene, so no need to explore that side of her pedigree, right?
I'm hoping to determine her 'official' color that way.
Otherwise I can post a photo in two or three months when she sheds out, but I really haven't seen the 'giraffe print' legs before, so I'm curious.

2 Re: AQHA silver carriers on 2/27/2011, 8:36 pm

The two foundation lines in AQHA are Bow Champ (stallion) and Ms Barbarella (mare). Your horse sounds more like a sooty flaxen chestnut to me but without pics it's hard to say.

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