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Is my Pecheron a silver

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1Is my Pecheron a silver  Empty Is my Pecheron a silver on 5/20/2011, 10:42 pm


this is my mare her name is doodle she is a rescue so we are unsure of her blood lines we are certain that she is at least half Percheron ( i was told it was a toss up between a Clydesdale and belgin as to her father . she is just turning 6 years old when i got her i was told that she was a dilute silver which i have NEVER heard of so i started looking and this is where it led me , she was believe it or not pulled out of the kill pens so she is lucky to be here and i am lucky to have her . but was just wondering what some people that knew horses thought about her in general . her color , possible breeding and conformations . thanks ....

Is my Pecheron a silver  PICT0049-1Is my Pecheron a silver  DoodlesesIs my Pecheron a silver  PICT0049Is my Pecheron a silver  220327_197851566920392_100000866499036_498829_7537452_oIs my Pecheron a silver  L_1b0ae004a73c4fbf8240e019b81c0c2cIs my Pecheron a silver  209660_203136853058530_100000866499036_533929_2978439_oIs my Pecheron a silver  209660_203136853058530_100000866499036_533929_2978439_o

2Is my Pecheron a silver  Empty Re: Is my Pecheron a silver on 8/11/2011, 7:28 pm

She looks like a sooty chestnut to me.

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