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Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver

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Just wanted to start off with an introduction of my beautiful 2001 mare, Amaretto Blu, 50/50 morab, also registered half arabian. A total sweetiepie! I have had her less than a year and not real sure what direction we are headed in yet as my first year with her my mom became very ill and passed away, so much of my time was spent caring for her. I love keeping in touch with the other silvers out there! I have many more pictures of her ( I will try hard not to clog up the boards with them!)
Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver 537933_601011903246814_1851890807_n

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2Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Empty Blu on 2/23/2013, 1:54 pm

[img]Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Blu_fo15[/img]

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3Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Empty Amaretto Blu on 2/23/2013, 1:57 pm

[img]Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Croppe10[/img]

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[img]Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Blu_in10[/img]
[img]Introducing Amaretto Blu - bay silver Ameret10[/img]

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