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Silver Bay Mule???

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1 Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 12:58 pm

Pics are not the most flattering of her, but, you get the idea.

trying to get a good pic of a baby mule is not easy. they want to be close to you and want to be into everything

Roseannah is 11 months old

baby-mama = solid Red / baby-daddy = solid Black

she has striped hooves, and silver eye lashes

this is Roseannah last summer (3 months old) - Red

this is Roseannah now - sort of... not so Redish. even her mane and tail changed color

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2 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 1:59 pm

Yup, definitely. I would say she is a brown silver (plus pangare' obviously) actually.

So the dam is the horse? Any idea of her pedigree?

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3 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 2:11 pm


whats "pangare"? oh, just googled it... its the whitish on the belly and nose, right?

her dam was a horse she was a unregistered Saddlebred or Standardbred - I cant remember which one the guy said (almost naturally gaited) I was just in a hurry to get her out of her current situation, so I did a lot of "smiling and nodding" Neutral

daddy was just big ole backyard pure black Jack

she was a rescue

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4 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 2:18 pm

Yes on the pangare'.

So we know the silver didn't come from the jack (I've never seen it in donkeys and it would have shown on a black). It must have come from the mare. Silver is extremely rare in Saddlebreds (if it still exists at all) and is not known to be in Standardbreds. So the mare may either be a cross or she could be a Rocky (though I think you'd have noticed as they look quite different from Saddlebreds) so she likely is a cross.

Good on you for giving them a safe new home. The muley looks fantastic and what a lucky color. I thinks he's gorgeous!! She looks nicely built and a good mover to boot. I hope you have lots of fun with them!

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5 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 2:30 pm

thanks! Im blessed to have her. I guess its too bad she cant babies, huh?

Ive googled silver mules and didnt get much

her mama was solid red, if I remember right. no silver markings at all. solid black hooves (way over grown). Im a farrier, so I notice their feet first off.

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6 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 2:57 pm

Silver has no effect on red (it only effects black pigment, and reds have none for it to effect). It shouldn't even effect the hooves.

Do you plan to train her to ride?

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7 Re: Silver Bay Mule??? on 5/5/2010, 3:12 pm

yea, I will ride her. but, she is just a baby now, so just the basics until she is 3, then she will be backed.

she does pretty much everything now. she is super friendly, not scared of anything. she ties, leads, lunges (sort of), good for vet/farrier, loads in the trailer, clippers - no problem, wears a bareback pad around - no problem. hopefully, by the time she is 3, she will be already on her way. cause she can be fiesty, want to get a handle on her now.. LOL.....

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