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Help, what are my horses color

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1 Help, what are my horses color on 6/30/2010, 3:16 pm

I have 2 horses that seem to be silver. One has been called flexan and the other is said to be dirty palomino. Both have a blaze that gray over the eyes!/photo.php?pid=4991639&id=589465543!/photo.php?pid=4991641&id=589465543&fbid=407504360543!/photo.php?pid=474807&id=589465543&fbid=7641385543

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2 Re: Help, what are my horses color on 6/30/2010, 11:11 pm

The darker horse is definitely flaxen chestnut.

The draft is either chestnut or palomino. No silver. The black on the legs is from sooty. I'm fairly certain he's palomino. So whoever told you, told you correctly. Laughing

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3 Silver bay on 7/3/2010, 9:51 pm


The one with darker legs looks like a silver bay.

4 Re: Help, what are my horses color on 7/3/2010, 10:07 pm

IMO the pasterns are too light for a black base and I see no sign of ear tips or dark roots in the forelock.

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5 more on my horse on 7/31/2010, 6:59 am

The one with the light coat and dark legs is 13 yo. His mane is a mix of beige, gray, white and black (salt and pepper). his forlock is not the same texture as his mane, more like duvet. I never really notice before but eyelash are white/gray. When his leg are unclip they look darker.!/photo.php?pid=4995486&id=589465543&ref=album
here is a picture of him when I just got him. I also had to clip him to find that he has a partial white sox on a back leg.
He is a Canadian cross. Canadian are encester to the Morgans.

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6 Re: Help, what are my horses color on 8/1/2010, 8:39 pm

I'm still seeing palomino on the first one.

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